Toilet odour extraction

If you are building a new home or renovating your existing home its worth considering a Panfan extraction fan. These fans are plumbed directly into your toilet and vent outside removing foul odours. They work great while alleviating the need to open a window loosing valuable heat during the winter months, They are also ideal if you are entertaining guests or get sick of odour from the on-suite bathroom. We also have filtered, battery powered options available that we are able to install into most toilets. We have a number of customers all over the Bay with Panfan's who wouldn't be without one. Talk to us about getting a Panfan installed into your bathroom today! 

Scientifically Proven

You can see the Agar plates below showing the air with and without a Panfan fitted to public toilets. The study was done by the Dublin University where Panfan has been proven to remove 99.9% of all airborne micro-organisms. So not only is the air odour free its free from all related air borne micro-organisms as well. 

Stop Masking The Issue

Why use sprays that only cover up the smell, you don't pull a matt over food spilt on the carpet so why mask toilet smells with sprays, you're not removing any of the airborne micro-organisms but instead you're pulling a rug over the spilt food. Everyone knows what the smell of an air freshener is covering and can often lead to the same reaction as to the smell itself. So why not start dealing with the issue today and not only get rid of the smell but the micro-organisms as well.