Residential Services

Our homes are our haven, and everyone wants the plumbing in their home to be intuitive, functional and reliable. That means that fixtures and fittings are in the right location and operating so smoothly that you never give them a second thought. Some clients have phoned a few months after shifting into their new home, thanking us for a particular product that we have introduced them to stating ‘this is the best product we have in our home’.

  • Maintenance & repairs
  • New builds
  • Water filters
  • Renovations
  • Burst mains
  • And More

Hot Water

Hot water is a critical and necessary convenience that must be right. The flow needs to be reliable, constant, and at the right temperature for purpose. If it’s too hot it may be dangerous for children and the elderly and will be costing you more than it should. If it’s too cold you may run out of hot water part way through a shower. If it’s overflowing on the roof you’re literally throwing money down the drain.

  • Leaking valves
  • Correctly set water temperature
  • Cylinder replacement
  • And More

Water Filters

Activated carbon water filters can provide a more pleasant tasting drinking water as well as capturing some bacteria and solids that can end up in your water particularly if a waterline has been repaired somewhere. A ‘whole of house system’ can offer a level of protection with cleaner water entering your whole plumbing system as evidenced when the yearly filter change takes place. Either can be retro fitted.

  • Installation of under bench water filter
  • Installation of whole of house water filter system
  • Replacement of dirty filter cartridges
  • And More